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CNSystems UI Design Screens

About CNSystems

CNSystems Medizintechnik GmbH is one of the global leaders in the field of continuous non-invasive hemodynamic and blood-pressure measurement.

Task Force Touch CARDIO

A medical device with an appealing interface - elaborated and developed with doctors and customers. All-out performance even under severe conditions. The Task Force ® Touch CARDIO unifies the trusted CNAP® Technology by CNSystems and an innovative user interface.
CNSystems UI Design

Reports & Exports for the User

More than 300 implemented requirements, touch-screen enabled user interface and a customized display of measured data are just a few highlights of the Task Force ® Touch CARDIO. The product is designed in a way that the user can control two devices in the most intuitive manner possible, with more than 20 signals being processed and displayed in real time. Its safe handling is essential in the medical field.

Our Services

Bridging the gap. Appealing interface and performance

Requirements Management

More than 300 requirements were categorized and distributed to be worked on. After they were successfully implemented each one was tested in a production environment and released.

Real-Time Display

More than 10 datastreams were received and processed simultaneously without buffering. Different types of data resolutions are handled without performance loss.

Driver Connections

Our product provides GRPC connections and connections to other various drivers including real-time processing of 1000+ data packets.

Desktop Application

Built in React like a modern web application and highly performant like a native desktop application based on Electron.

Intuitives Interface

Evaluation of requirements in coorperation with doctors and nurses to find the perfect user interface for everyday usage in hospitals.

Modern Technology

Electron serves as hybrid desktop framework, React as the user interface library, Websockets connect all the different parts and GRPC is the interface to drivers.
Medical interfaces are usually not optimized regarding looks - but why is that? Old technology was not sufficient enough. We wanted to change this, so we chose our stack carefully and according to the latest standards.

Changing the game...


The solid foundation for creating native applications with web technologies like JavaScript.


A modern interface for communicating between software and hardware.


A JavaScript library for building user interfaces based on components and reactive updates.

Realtime Charts

A custom built chart library to handle 1000+ requests per second and display data in over 36 charts.


A high-speed connection between Electron and the frontend needed to relay the amount of data received.


A state management system in JavaScript to control the current state displayed and react to changes in the connected hardware.
CNSystems UI Design Detail
Design Process

Design follows function

Intuitive handling meets modern interface. The design process was fully focussed on medical personell which needs a clear, structured and user friendly interface carry out functions fast and without obstacles. Intensive workshops defined the structure, behavior and user flows.
CNSystems 6

UX & UI Design

The subdued design stays in the background and lets a well planned user experience take the stage.

UX Workshops

Together with the client we defined wire frames, user flows and behavior of functionalities in intensive workshops.

Design System

A comprehensive library of design elements like buttons, input fields, pop-ups, modals, colors, fonts and layouts form the basis for the entire user interface.

User Interface

The design with more than 120 different screens was adapted to the needs of the medical personnel.
CNSystems Design Library