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Digital experiences
Technology that excites
State-of-the-art websites, online shops and web applications that excite users are the essence of our work. Web technology constantly evolves, and we not only keep up but even drive the development.

Websites adapted to the target group

The digital business card for every enterprise


As unique as your business. There are plenty of off-the-peg solutions but our clients can rely on individually customized features.


Our developers are early adapters and deliver websites with up-to-date frameworks and programming languages to the screens of your clients.


Our cooperation will save you time. We build your CMS system as intuitively as possible in order to supply your clients with content as quickly as possible.


Your website is difficult to maintain? Not with us! Just like your website, the content management system, too, is personalized.


Smartphone, tablet or laptop - we are familiar with responsive and adaptive development.


Interactive elements, documents, booking system, micro applications or animations - we are familiar with all these features to assure your web appearance to be a tangible one.


Every millisecond counts. We push your website to its best performance and thus ensure that your customers do not abandon it and Google lists it on page 1.

Online shops

Conversions, FTW!
Sales, sales, sales.

Short paths

From the impulse to purchasing in just one click. We optimize your online shop to boost your sales.

Materials management

Internal materials management? No problem. We have lots of experience in connecting an online shop to tools like e.g. SAP, Amparex, or Sage.

Payment service provider

Irrespective of your payment service provider we safeguard your cash flow: credit card, payment transfer, direct debit or PayPal.


We bring your backend into line with your needs: PDF invoices, newsletters or automatic order processing.

Web applications

Software for the browser.

Ideas & implementation

We assist you in the technical planning of your product. We design user flows, structures, data banks and stacks.


What are the requirements of your product? How does the user reach his/her goal? We make sure you know what you get even before developing the product.

Internal tools

In need of administrative systems for staff, accounting or data banks? We are happy to assist.


You’ve got an idea for an innovative product and need support? We are your CTO.

Digital interface & APIs

We tap any digital interface and connect your website with internal software, for external processing, to CSV or Excel.

Single page applications

You want your user to quickly reach the destination? Annoyed by applications that constantly reboot? We’ve got the solution.

Data banks

MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MS SQL, MongoDB or Redis: Tell us what you’ve got, and we tell you where to store it.


Micro services in web applications? You name it, we implement it - booking systems, hotel management and many more.

We speak many languages…

…and know even more!
Promising technologies? Common feature for us.

Version Control

Who did what and when? We know. Every change is documented.

HTML (5?)

We care about writing semantically correct and clean HTML. It is used daily and forms the basis for any web application or website.


The foundation for any kind of interactivity. We know it and - more important - we know how to apply it.  Without JavaScript it’s half the fun.


Wordpress (CMS) or Laravel (application framework) are based on PHP: making this decision was easy.


High-performing and unique user interfaces: the JavaScript framework is the UI-framework of our choice.


43.2 % of all websites are based on WordPress. So is our’s. We, among others, find it to be very presentable!


An open source online shop system for experts based on WordPress. Flexible and adaptable to any use case.

Unit Tests

Only what’s tested is reliable. Every code has to undergo extensive tests before it is released to perform on your screen.


A framework for any occasion. Full stack application, REST-API, data bank management. Swift, efficient, scalable.

Tools & Frameworks

The best is  just about good enough. We choose the technology that best suits your project and you. Undermentioned is an overview on the latest tools/frameworks that help us programming your website.

Reference projects